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    About Us
    One-Stop-Solution for Customized Precision Machining Supplier
    Founded in 2009, Forlong machining Ltd specializing in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, and serve industries across Hardware, Aerospace, Biomedical, Automotive, Electronic connectors…...etc. To meet the changing client needs, we sincerely provide customized products, hardware and machined components with professional processing technology. Employee training and self-improvement are the cornerstones of a company, thus, we have modern management, standard operating procedures and professional techniques to provide the highest quality products and service, we made our best effort to gain trust from our customers. Forlong Industrial has set up a quality control program based on many years of exporting to countries in the Americas and Europe. Our inspectors are carefully checking every detail of the products before shipping, ensuring that the products are correctly made to your exacting specifications. Our products have been sold to over 20 countries, including Canada, United States, Europe, and Australia. Most of our clients benefit from our OEM service. We have advanced CNC machining Centers, CNC turning lathes, CNC drilling lathes, CNC milled machine and highly educated engineers so that we can meet your demand and create the product according to your provided drawings or samples. Welcome to offer a trial order with your drawings!
    December 12, 2018., The Swiss customer Beml to our company to discuss cooperation, through the morning talk, Beml decides he will do in other projects(cnc machining parts,spinning parts,stamping parts)with us, and also stressed that
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