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        From delivering faster customer service to better quality products and efficient operations, robotics and automation provide enormous value for organizations that adopt them at scale.Robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy.

        Forlong Precision Machining work with world's leading companies and automation industry manufacturers ,and meet the requirements of this industry at a good level of precision.We regard high reliability, prompt delivery, competitive price as our first objective.

        Our skilled machinists work closely with clients to develop the specific  components and spare parts your project requires. Our engineers develop custom pieces for your business, guaranteeing consistency among designs and construction. No matter how complex, we will work with you to create a component meeting your precision and accuracy demands.


        Precision CNC Machining Capabilities

        Precision CNC machining services:CNC machining, rapid injection molding, die casting, sheet metal, vacuum casting.Capabilities include boring, turning, and vertical and horizontal machining parts. Other services are offered, such as EDM machining, vertical boring mill (VBM) machining, and welding. Secondary services are available such as finishing, sandblasting, tumbling, and painting. Serves small to large companies in the power generation, automotive, military, and aerospace industries domestically and abroad.


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